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The difference between traditional and integrated photovoltaic household off-grid solar power generation system

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Traditional home off-grid solar systems

Traditional home off-grid solar systems require the following accessories:
off grid inverter
Photovoltaic controller
solar panel
Combiner box
storage battery
battery board bracket
Cables, brackets, connectors, tool kits and other accessories
Consumers need to design the


Integrated all-in-one home off-grid solar systems

And our all-in-one Solar system integrates inverter, controller, battery, battery management system (BMS), with WIFI function for a more compact install,Support city power fast charging, also solar fast charging,Help consumers save procurement costs, including saving product design fees, product installation fees, and help customers improve installation timeliness.

The product is guaranteed for 10 years, with our international after-sales centre, the damaged parts can be exchanged for new ones ,Contact us to get your 3KW/5KW/10KW home solar system solutions


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